In the year 2023, Hyderabad emerged triumphantly as the second-largest real estate
hub in India, witnessing a remarkable 49% year-on-year (YoY) growth in housing sales,
as indicated by the ‘Real Insight Residential – Annual Round-up 2023
(January–December)’ report released by PropTiger.com. This significant increase is not
by chance but rather a result of a strategic interplay of various elements that have
sculpted the city’s real estate panorama. Let’s delve into the 10 pivotal factors that have
driven Hyderabad’s extraordinary ascent in the real estate realm.

1) Boom in the IT Industry: The city’s renown as a global IT hub has drawn the
attention of multinational giants and startups alike, resulting in heightened
demand for both commercial and residential spaces.

2) Enhanced Connectivity via Metro Rail: The seamless integration of the
Hyderabad Metro Rail has not only elevated the city’s transportation system but
also fueled the expansion of residential and commercial properties along metro

3) Development of the Outer Ring Road (ORR): The construction of the Outer
Ring Road has not only mitigated traffic congestion but also opened up novel
areas for real estate development, catalyzing the growth of integrated townships.

4) TS-iPASS Initiative Facilitation: The investor-friendly TS-iPASS initiative by the
Telangana government has streamlined the approval process for industrial
projects, resulting in an increased demand for warehouses and commercial

5) Implementation of RERA: The enforcement of the Regulatory Authority for Real
Estate (RERA) has bolstered confidence among homebuyers and investors,
augmenting the overall credibility of Hyderabad’s real estate.

6) Execution of the Building Regularization Scheme (BRS): The BRS has
provided a legal framework for legitimizing unauthorized constructions,
expanding the pool of available properties and invigorating the real estate sector.

7) Influx of Multinational Companies and Start-ups: Hyderabad’s flourishing IT
and business ecosystem has attracted a burgeoning population of young
professionals, serving as a catalyst for the real estate market.

8) Proliferation of Educational Institutions and Research Centers: The
presence of esteemed educational institutions and research centers has
transformed Hyderabad into an educational hub, fueling the demand for housing
and rental properties.

9) Inclusion in the Smart Cities Mission: Being part of the Smart Cities Mission
has expedited infrastructure development, drawing in investments and elevating
the overall appeal of the city.

10) Rise of Integrated Townships: The preference for integrated townships
equipped with modern amenities has metamorphosed Hyderabad’s real estate
landscape, providing a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Hyderabad’s exceptional real estate growth is not an isolated event but rather a
consequence of a meticulously orchestrated interplay of factors. From technological
strides to improved infrastructure, the city has positioned itself as an enticing destination
for real estate investments, promising substantial returns to both local and international
investors. With emerging micro-markets unfolding and a commitment to eco-friendly
practices, Hyderabad’s real estate trajectory seems poised for sustained growth in the
foreseeable future.

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